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Is "Marry My Husband" Worth Watching? Honest Review

Marry My Husband Cast

I admit, I wasn't expecting much from "Marry My Husband." Another revenge-romance drama? How different could it be, right? I felt that the ending was going to be predictable, But after I finished the 16th and the final episode, I must confess that I was thoroughly impressed. This series not only has one of the most satisfying conclusions I've seen, but it also surprised me by being not so predictable.

The series is based on a web novel of the same name.

Without giving away too much, It’s a blend of revenge, romance, and time travel where the lead actress, who is terminally ill witnesses her husband cheating on her with her best friend and then gets killed by them. Now wait... It’s not all that dark, she goes back in time to start her new life and this time lives on her terms. There is a catch here, If she doesn’t experience her bad omen/luck, it gets transferred to another person. Well, that’s about how much I’m going to reveal the plot for you without ruining the fun.

Coming to the most exciting part, the CAST.

The highlight of the show is Lee Yi Kung. We all might’ve seen his infamous "Gwenchana" meme on Instagram and YouTube.

I still can't believe that he pulled off a negative role in this drama. His wickedness combined with stupidity is peak humor. His character is something "you'll love to hate."

Not to forget the lead pair Park Min Young and Na In Woo. Their height difference makes them the cutest couple. Like most K-dramas you'll end up falling in love with their chemistry.

Actress Song Ha Yoon who plays the role of the best friend has done an immaculate job, her acting will make you hate her guts.

Apart from these four, other characters have done exceptionally well. That is another thing about this

series that I like, every character has a prominent role to play and has been given an ample screen time. One such character is Yoo Hee Yeon, seeing her charm and wittiness, there is no doubt you'll end up falling in love with her character.

The ending isn't predictable, it's genuinely satisfying, tying up loose ends and leaving you with a smile. Tune into Prime Video and start watching.

Let me know if you would like to read more k-drama reviews:)

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